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"Get the milk and vinegar!"

This article or section is non-canon. Please remember that it is fake/unofficial.

The Cake is a Lie is the April Fools 2019 joke episode. This is the first official episode animated by PuzzlyGames.

Plot Edit

The episode begins with Berry enjoying himself until Keyboard comes up and tells him he's up for elimination, causing Berry to scream like a triggered Roblox player in 2009.

At the elimination, Berry, Clorox Candy, Lemon, and 'all deez ovva gaiz' are safe. Doritos is then eliminated with a total of 15 gigantizillion votes (actually fifteen quinvigintillion, or 1.5*10^79). He then screams as he turns white for some reason

The contest is to bake a cake. The contestants who submit are Daisy, who bakes a dirt cake (Not actually shown in the episode), PuzzlyGames, who bakes a Sonic cake because he thinks Sonic is god.

The results are in and Clorox Candy is eliminated. C.C. supposedly dies and PuzzlyGames can be heard in the background saying that the first episode will never come out.

Appearances Edit

Facts & Trivia Edit

  • On PuzzlyGames's Icon's cake, the text on it reads X's quote from BFB 3 about Pen's drawing being garbage and how he shouldn't even touch drawing materials.
  • This episode uses Fontworks New Rodin as the text font rather than Neue Haas Grotesk.
  • Keyboard gliding into place at 0:07 was a tween mistake.
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