Episode Gallery Transcript
(New Friendly MIDI Music Plays)

Jerry Seinfeld : Heylo. I am ur hst Jerry Seinfeld and thiss is Season 10000 eposode 234555 of Ubjet Derpynis.

The Camera cuts to Some Balance Beam Contest with Bigfot.

Jerry Seinfeld : This chaelenje es to try to study on to Balcance Beam. Super Original.

Bigfot is a magician and teleports to the edge of the platform. The one where he wasn't before.

Bigfot : o look dere is a saf areah lemme jump

Bigfot jumps off the platform

Bigfot : WEEEEEEEEEHHDEGZUS?Fiysh"crjyswdifhqwcdbysgnjhokjsue


Voting Screen appears

Jerry Seinfeld (maybbbbbbbbb) : Vote for different plspls since u s t on the stand on the shoe horn to april 2nd twenty-one ninety-two

The Video ends