Short Gallery Transcript
(ticking noise)

Stick Figures: MOM, WE'RE THIRSTY!

Daisy: Well I should hope so! You kids have been playing outside for the past nine hours!

Stick Figures: Yeah...

Daisy: How would you kids like a delicious, chocolately glass of Circletine?

Stick Figures: CIRCLETINE!

(stick figure screams)

Daisy: Get the milk and vinegar!

(stick figures gets the milk and Clorox Candy)

(Daisy puts the Circletine on the table and pours it on a glass)

(Keyboard comes in)

Keyboard: Hey, gang!

Daisy: Circletine, ROAR!

(Keyboard closes the door as the Circletine gets thrown)

Daisy: Mix it together, kids!

(stick figures scream as they throw Graham Cracker to the glass and breaks)

Daisy: It's ready!

(stick figures look at the Circletine they made)

Daisy: Go tell grandpa!

(Doritos is seen watching a video on his MacBook as a stick figure is going to tell him)

Suitcase (on MacBook, sounding like Patrick Star): Is mayonnaise an instrument?

Nickel (on MacBook, sounding like Squidward Tentacles): No Patrick, mayo...

Stick Figure: CIRCLETINE!


(explodes as the stick figure smiles)

Voice: Bah bah bah, bah bah bah, Circletine!

(the phrase "its not safe" shows up)

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