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This article or section is non-canon. Please remember that it is fake/unofficial.

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Circletine is an Object Derpiness short.
Like New Character in Object Derpiness?, this video is not an episode and on the channel called Bebble (instead of ObjectDerpinessOfficial).



  • The video that played on the MacBook was an edited version of SuitcaseLover2018's video created by Bebble.
  • Clorox Candy and Graham Cracker were inanimate objects in this short, making this non-canon.
  • This short is based on a video called "Circletine" by 3!.
    • However, only the audio (and script) is on this, since the video from an older circletine by Bebble is shown (the main source of the short).


  • In some scenes, some of the parts are missing.


Object Derpiness - Circletine

Object Derpiness - Circletine

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